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ENLARGEMENTS (Negatives/Prints/Slides)

Watch your images come to life using our production of high quality enlargements throuugh our Fuji Frontier Digital Lab from 35mm/APS film, 35mm Slides as well as copy prints via our Epson flatbed scanner our all available in store. Available on a wide variety of papers, you will have no problem finding the surface to fit your needs. Be sure to look at our Framing and Finishing Services and consider how we can help you protect, as well as hang and display, your big print.

In order to ensure that we achieve optimum results in all our printing and output materials whether on paper, canvas or other substrates, we use the latest Colour Management tools available to calibrate our monitors, printers and other output devices we utilize in our imaging labs. The use of colour management is a good business practice for photographic labs to comply with and serves as a comprehensive tool for implementing and maintaining ICC (International Colour Consortium) profile specification. ICC profiles are widely used for maintaining colour fidelity across multi-media imaging devices and software.

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